About Us

In 1930, Robert Petrie, then City Engineer to the City of Marion, founded the company now known as Randall Miller and Associates (RMA). For the next 40 years, the company slowly grew, establishing a reputation for quality work thorough evaluation and a complete understanding of the client’s needs. The current ownership began in the 1970s, when Randall Miller became a full partner in the company, joining then President Robert Benedict.

Randall Miller Picture

Upon Mr. Benedict’s death in 1984, the company was relocated to 1911 Wabash Road. During this period, under the guidance of Randall Miller, the company increased in size and expertise to encompass a wider client base and technological advances. Company expansion encouraged relocation, and in 1993 RMA moved to it’s current home in the downtown business district of Marion, Indiana, at 145 East Third Street.

Since then RMA has continued to expand into additional markets. In 1998, RMA opened it’s first satellite office in Muncie, Indiana, and in 2003 purchased J.H. Stephens Land Surveys, Inc., a surveying firm based in Wabash, Indiana. The new Wabash RMA office provided services to several surrounding counties including Huntington, Miami, and Kosciusko, and the extensive survey files and survey data of J.H. Stephens, Inc. allowed RMA to enhance its capabilities and to provide professional land surveying services to these various markets in an expeditious manner.

Today, RMA operates in Indiana and Ohio providing professional services to a range of clientele. With the aide of continual advancements in technology including electronic distance measuring (EDM) instruments and Global Positioning Systems (GPS), RMA has acquired the expertise that is necessary for professional practice in today’s rapidly changing world of surveying. RMA is known for its diversity, quality, and timeliness, which has built a reputation for excellence.

RMA is committed to providing professional services, with a focus on quality work. We work in an integrated environment to provide customized solutions to accommodate various needs and desires of our clients and to deliver the product in a timely manner. RMA’s talented family provides a diverse opportunity to incorporate all aspects of services to deliver a tailored, comprehensive solution to your surveying and engineering needs.