RMA provides professional civil engineering services from conceptual plan to as-built review. We provide expertise to all stages of development and emphasize client involvement to ensure you a project that has a personal touch.

Site Development

RMA offers full services site development, spanning the surveying, engineering, and construction phases of your project. We understand successful site design integrates all the technical disciplines, and we work to achieve the everything envisioned by our client. To see a full list of professional site development services we offer, click here.

Transportation Engineering

A robust transportation network is essential for all communities. From highway design to intersection efficiency, clients need a firm whose services and knowledge can cover any issues which might arise. RMA has been serving town, city, county, and state governments for decades, and our clients benefit from that comprehensive institutional knowledge. To see our list of professional transportation engineering services click here.

Utility Infrastructure

Local utility services are just as vital to everyday living as transportation infrastructure. However, the US is falling behind on necessary upgrades and upkeep.

Water infrastructure in the United States is clearly aging, and investment is not able to keep up with the need.” – ASCE

RMA provides design services for development of a wide range of water-related utility services. Our comprehensive knowledge allows for quick turnaround. Your projects are our number one priority. To see our list of professional utility infrastructure services click here.